Age is Just a Number…

At 89 Years, She’s The World’s Oldest Surgeon But She Still Performs 4 Surgeries A Day If you ever questioned the adage 'Age is just a number,' you are about to be converted, my friend. In a world that accepts that old age slows everyone down, one surgeon stood against slowing down of any kind. … Continue reading Age is Just a Number…


10 Jobs In High Demand But Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago.

A phrase, we’ve all heard a few hundred times, growing up. And every time a relative or a teacher asked me the same, I would talk about all sorts of fantasies. Sometimes I’d say a doctor, sometimes, I’d listen to my heart, and say a writer and sometimes even a horticulturist (Even though I barely … Continue reading 10 Jobs In High Demand But Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago.

Employee Loyalty in Business Module

Employees are company’s greatest asset, but sometimes their performance decreases. Employee Loyalty Programs ensures maximum productivity and solves this problem. Ever wondered why a top talent gradually starts underperforming, shows higher rate of absenteeism and stops participating in the company’s affairs with interest? Well, that’s because they start feeling underappreciated and a lesser significant part … Continue reading Employee Loyalty in Business Module

Twitter’s Search tool to good use : Important Update

If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, then you know there are two things that are incredibly important: liberal emoji use and knowing how to put Twitter's search tool to good use. Now, the service's latest update brings those two things together. Twitter now lets you use emoji characters in search. The update, … Continue reading Twitter’s Search tool to good use : Important Update