Yesterday, She Got Justice

At 19, She Was Gang Raped & 14 Of Her Family Members Were Killed; Yesterday, She Got Justice


On 4 May, the Bombay High Court held all 20 accused in the Bilkis Bano case as guilty.

  • It rejected the appeals of 11 convicted accused in the case.
  • It upheld the sentence of life imprisonment for the 11 convicts.
  • It also quashed the acquittal of seven accused, pronouncing them as convicts; these seven had been previously acquitted by a trial court.
  • The HC also convicted many doctors and cops for evidence tampering.
  • The Court also dismissed an appeal by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to award the capital punishment to three of the 11 convicts.

The HC’s verdict marks a major legal and personal victory for Bilkis Bano, whose struggles and fight for justice captured the conscience of the nation.

On 3 March 2002, a truck carrying 17 people – including Bilkis and her family – was fleeing the violence in search of refuge. While they were moving on the kachcha road, 35 people carrying weapons like swords, sickles and sticks came shouting “Aa rahya Musalmano, emane maaro, kaato” (these are the Muslims, kill them, cut them) in two white vehicles. The mob engaged in the acts of sexual assault, rape and killing of the people in the truck.

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